jasmine on a slope

Slopes can be a unique landscape feature and finding a maintenance friendly solution is easy if the right plants are chosen. Sometimes grass on a steep slope can be a little dangerous to. . .

bad sprinkler job

This photo shows an example of a bad design. Pop up sprinkler heads like this are often found in the turf areas and they should be placed on flexible tubing. The way this sprinkler is. . .

dirty screens

It’s that time of year when everybody seems to be acutely aware of any problems they may be having with their sprinkler system. The summer heat quickly exposes any areas that are. . .


Mowing Height
Posted by Danny McAvity in News, Tips


It’s peak season for the lawn care industry and it’s important the lawn is being mown frequently and at the proper height. After over 15 year’s experience in the business, I have found. . .

Sod Pallet

Contrary to popular belief, Summertime is not a great time to lay sod. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the shelf life of sod is short to begin with-. . .

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