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  • Hiring only full-time professional talent ensures landscape perfection.
  • You will enjoy timely and effective service while working with us.
  • Because we love what we do, a smile and a wave are not uncommon practice.

Your landscape and property, home or business, is a huge investment.

Turf Rider’s lawn care and landscape management practices can preserve, and even add value to your most important investment by keeping the property ‘clean and green’. We are trusted and proven landscaping industry professionals with nearly 20 years of experience in the lawn care industry in the Jacksonville Beaches area. Whether you’re looking for general lawn maintenance and service of the grounds, or a complete renovation of the landscape; we’ll find a way to enhance the beauty of the curb appeal without breaking the bank. Let us earn your lawn care and landscaping business; it won’t take long for you and your neighbors to see why our motto is: PROFESSIONAL. PUNCTUAL. POLITE.



Simple. Top Notch Landscaping & Lawn Care at Highly Competitive Rates.

There’s a lot of competition out there for lawn care, but Turf Rider is the right choice for you. We have the experience and resources to take on nearly any landscaping job, but we’re not too big for our britches either – we’re still small enough to provide attention to detail and personal care to your yard and property.


As North Florida’s premier lawn care company we combine a high quality of work with our low rates, creating the best value for your landscaping dollar. We aren’t under bid by the competition, and we’re certainly never out done. Your lawn will look great, and you can rest assured the value you get will exceed any landscaping company in the Jacksonville Beaches area.


We always show up and do our job. Bad weather? Mechanical breakdowns? Not a problem – that’s the nature of the landscaping business and it’s never an excuse. We don’t skip our scheduled visits. Following through with our commitments is something we’ve staked our reputation on for over a decade.


Accountability, Experience & Expertise. Starting from the initial free estimate, our owner, Danny, will personally conduct a walk-through of your lawn and property to asses any particular needs and lawn maintenance goals there might be. From the administrative/management side down to the knowledgeable landscape techs in the field, we pride ourselves on creating a friendly, enjoyable, and transparent customer experience.


Our main goal as a lawn care company is to create a well manicured landscape.

A well groomed landscape will:

  • Make a statement of excellence
  • Preserve and even add value to your property
  • Be clean, organized and functional
  • Increase your use and personal enjoyment of the property



Jacksonville Lawn Care and Landscaping Services


Turf Rider provides complete lawn care services and landscape management for the Jacksonville Beaches area. Below is a brief list of some of the services we provide as part of our basic lawn service package. We also have extensive knowledge and experience in landscaping. Please inquire about any special landscaping services, or projects you may have. Lawn Care and Landscape Management are our specialties- some of the related areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: laying sod, installing mulch, installing trees, trimming trees, removing trees, repairing sprinklers and more! If it’s not something we do in house, we have a great group of referral partners!

Our Basic Lawn Service Package Includes:

  • Mowing of general turf areas
  • Edging along beds and paved areas
  • Line trimming around structures in the landscape the mower can not reach
  • Hedge trimming
  • Raking / Leaf pick up
  • Blowing off dirt, debris and clippings from the lawn and property
  • Flower bed and ornamental landscaping maintenance


  • Sod
  • Pruning
  • Clean Ups
  • Mulching
  • Annuals
  • Design / Install
  • Tree Work
  • Irrigation
  • And more!


* Custom contracts available for unique jobs



A good landscape design is both functional and beautiful. With the proper planning, your landscape scheme can include a variety of plants exhibiting diversity in color, texture, height and depth. This is achieved by utilizing the proper combinations of shrubbery, trees, ornamentals and turf. Knowing and choosing the ‘right plant’ for the ‘right place’ is key to achieving success in the landscape.

TurfRider’s Landscape Recipe

  • Adequate and appropriate water supply
  • Create variety and diversity
  • Right plant, right place
  • Functional use
  • Minimal cost and upkeep
It’s time to enjoy your landscape again


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    Annual Flower Landscaping Package (Material, prep and installation)

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Aedan McAvity - Sales Director
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