Lawn Aeration
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Our Aeretion Service Creates a Healthier Lawn.

Jacksonville Lawn AerationAeration treatments are very beneficial to lawns and I have always seen it yield very good results. The grass responds by strengthening their root systems and creating a thicker, greener and more resilient lawn.

Aeration provides a number of benefits including the following:

It fights soil compaction, it brings Oxygen, water and nutrients down into the soil where the grass’ roots can take it up more easily. Lawns that suffer from excess moisture issues can also benefit because loosening the soil can help the water percolate into the ground better.

We use a ‘core aerator’ which uses hollow tines to pierce into the ground at a depth of 2″-4″ removing a ‘plug’ of soil. The plugs are allowed to decompose and deliver nutrients back into the lawn- usually it takes about a week for the cores to disappear back into the lawn.

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