Mowing Height
Posted by Danny McAvity in News, Tips

It’s peak season for the lawn care industry and it’s important the lawn is being mown frequently and at the proper height.

After over 15 year’s experience in the business, I have found that most cultivars of St Augustine do best when cut at around 5″. At first, this may sound rather high, but for a thick St Augustine lawn, my experience has shown this to be the optimal mowing height. The grass appears to be greener, thicker, and healthier. Taller grass means the roots have more shelter from the sun, more moisture retention, and the thick, tall grass tends to choke out weed growth.

Some cultivars can tolerate a much shorter cut at around 3″, but more often than not, turfs that are cut that short seem to have any of several ailments.

Raising and lower the deck on our mowers is an easy task and we can raise or lower to customer preference but, if it’s up to me, I mow at 5″ in the summer months.

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